Volunteers perform many important duties. Whether providing companionship in a patient’s home, assisting with a special event, or handling other meaningful tasks — volunteers play a vital role that enables the hospice team to meet the needs of the community more fully.

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Volunteers Make a Difference

If you have a passion for caring for others. are at least 18 years old, and are looking for a way to make a difference in people’s lives, consider becoming a hospice volunteer. Our volunteers are an important part of our hospice care team, helping improve the quality of life for our patients, their families and their caregivers.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Because patients have unique end-of-life needs, we are looking for volunteers from all backgrounds, experiences and cultures. Our volunteers offer support, companionship. and practical, compassionate help. Some interact directly with patients and families. Others prefer to work behind the scenes in the office setting. As a volunteer, you help determine which tasks you’re best suited to perform. We are looking for volunteers to:

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    Sit with patients
  • Stretching icon
    Help with social activities
  • Plant growing icon
    Yard work
  • Heart health icon
    Administrative duties
  • Dog and cat icon
    Pet therapy
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    Send cards to bereaved families
  • Veteran icon
    Participate in our veteran program
  • Phone icon to call in to request care
    Make phone calls
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Why Become a Volunteer

Working with our patients is a privilege and a sacred opportunity. We depend on our volunteers to help us provide the love, respect and care our patients and their families need. Whether reading to a patient, preparing a meal or cleaning up around the house, each gesture makes a meaningful impact on those we serve.


Frequently Asked Questions

Volunteering is an immensely rewarding experience. Find answers to your questions about being a volunteer. Then talk to us about joining our team. If you have a question that is not covered in our FAQs, please contact us and a Traditions Health team member will be happy to assist you.

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Who is eligible to volunteer?

Anyone who has an interest in serving their community. To maintain quality of care for our patients, interested applicants will be subject to a background check.

How do you choose your volunteers?

Volunteers choose us! A volunteer coordinator will be happy to describe the needs of your local hospice.

What are the benefits of volunteering?

People become hospice volunteers for a variety of reasons. Some benefits include a sense of fulfillment from serving your community, meeting college/high school volunteering requirements, and building relationships and special bonds with amazing people.

How much training do you have to go through to become a volunteer?

Training can be completed on your schedule! Volunteers learn about hospice services and receive education regarding things like privacy, confidentiality, infection control and more!

How much time are volunteers expected to give?

As much or as little as you’d like! There is no set time requirement, but our patients and staff benefit greatly from your service!

We Welcome Your Questions

To talk to someone about becoming a volunteer at Traditions health, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch. Thank you for your service!