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Hospice care is about living. The Traditions Health hospice team walks with the patient and their loved ones throughout their end-of-life journey, providing the care and education they need for the best quality of life possible.


Comfort and Dignity Through End-of-Life Care at Home

Our team is passionate about building relationships with our patients and their loved ones. Whether the need is physical, spiritual, or emotional, our compassionate hospice experts are available to provide the necessary support. Comfort and dignity are the anchors of hospice care. Our clinicians are highly skilled at recognizing and managing symptoms early, in most cases allowing the patient to remain comfortable at home throughout the end of their life.

Pet Therapy

Pet Therapy uses the natural bond between humans and animals to comfort patients during a life-limiting illness. Animals can help to alleviate symptoms or act as companions who sit and listen to a patient work through end-of-life emotions. Pet visits provide a great opportunity to give affection and receive it.

Traditions Health volunteers and their certified therapy pets have been trained to provide comfort and stress relief in various situations. Our volunteers aim to ensure that every patient has an optimal experience during their pet therapy session.

  • Social interaction
  • Stress management
  • Anxiety reduction
  • Pain relief
  • Lessening of emotional pain
  • Enhanced quality of life
Skilled Nurse
Medical Social Worker
Spiritual Professional


Our Hospice Care Team

Under the direction of a physician, the Traditions Health team offers a caring atmosphere that addresses the emotional and physical well-being of our patients. Our goal is to ensure that patients live their lives to the fullest and that family members and caregivers are supported. In addition to the core members listed below, your individualized care team can also include hospice health aide, bereavement support services, and volunteers.


What Are the Four Levels of Hospice Care?

As a patient progresses in their end-of-life journey, their level of care may change to meet their clinical needs. Hospice has four distinct levels of care to meet the needs of the patient and their caregiver. Our interdisciplinary Hospice team will perform an assessment and determine which Level of Care is right for you.


Routine Home Care

Routine home care is intermittent care provided in the home setting, whether that be a private residence or facility. A plan of care is determined by the interdisciplinary team that provides physical, spiritual, and emotional care.

Support includes visits from nurses, hospice health aides, social workers, therapists, and volunteers. Patients also have access to home medical equipment, medications, personal supplies as ordered by their physician, and 24/7 on-call nursing support.


Continuous Home Care

Continuous home care is provided if a patient has symptoms that require the care of a licensed clinician to remain at the bedside for 8-24 hours per day to provide symptom relief. Continuous care is short term in nature and should be reevaluated on a regular basis to determine that continuous skilled services are necessary.

Examples of symptoms requiring continuous care are unrelieved pain, severe nausea and vomiting, and severe shortness of breath. Continuous care is furnished for brief periods of severe medical symptoms causing a crisis and only as necessary, to maintain the patient at home.


General Inpatient Care

Sometimes, severe pain or other symptoms require an advanced level of care that is more effectively provided and better managed during a short stay in an acute care hospital, inpatient hospice facility, or long-term care facility.

The goal of inpatient hospice care is to control severe pain and symptoms so that your loved one can return home to familiar surroundings and if possible, resume routine hospice care at home.


Respite Care

Respite care is short-term relief for in-home hospice caregivers. It is provided when a patient's caregiver is unable to meet the patient's needs due to physical or emotional exhaustion, or extenuating circumstances such as needing to go out of town.

Respite care is provided for up to five nights in a facility setting. Respite care helps caregivers avoid burnout and have more energy to devote to loved ones.


Providing Hospice Services Any Time

We're here when you need us! Traditions Health is available for you, your family, and caregivers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We provide care and support to help you maintain the highest quality of life possible.


What People Say About Our Home Hospice Care

I highly recommend Traditions Health. They are very professional / capable / responsive / reliable / nice people to work with. The director / chaplain / nurses / support staff helped me through a difficult time. Any time I needed them, 24/7, they were available.

– Nat H.

Losing a loved one is very difficult, but the palliative and hospice care that our loved ones have received has been top-notch. From our first meeting more than two years ago to today our care team has become part of our family. They have accommodated requests, assured us when we needed it, supported us through the hard days, and loved our family through loss. I highly recommend this group of caregivers and have no reservations about doing so.

– Marla M.

Jackie the Bath Nurse is so sweet and compassionate. If she can help in any way she will. Lindsay the RN is absolutely amazing. She will use medical terms, but she breaks it down so the family understands everything that is going on. Cheryl the director is absolutely amazing. All around Traditions is all about family.

– Sherri B

A big shout out to Jane, our RN in charge, who was always there for us anytime day or night, (do not know what we would have done without her). It was never a problem. Jane would stay and chat and make sure we were coping, and that all our emotional and physical needs to aid in this journey as it unfolded were met. Jane led a super team of nurses and HHAs to support us through this, my dad’s last journey. A huge thank you to Mayra for giving my dad the best bed shower (not bed bath) in the last couple of days as he could no longer get out of bed. Over a month of support as my dad deteriorated gave us the opportunity to give him the gift of a peaceful end at home. Thank You to Traditions Hospice for having such a wonderful team to aid us in the last journey of my dad's life.

– Terry C.

During my time as a home health caregiver, I've worked with several different hospice agencies. When it came time to choose an agency for my grandmother, I chose Traditions. You couldn't ask for more educated or caring staff.

– Shannon M.

I cannot express enough our sincere appreciation for what the nurses did for our loved one in her final days here. They were so wonderful with loving, sincere devotion to her needs. On her final day here, they gave her a bath with new clothes, hair all done up pretty & even had perfume on to meet Jesus later that eve. What great gals to show their love & attention. They treated her like it was their own mother they were tending to. They were a great help to my sisters who our loved one was living with & gave them comfort in knowing they could call & count on them to show up. God bless such loving people caring for those who can't care for themselves. If & when you are in need for services, please consider won't be sorry.

– Charlene B.

Traditions Health and Hospice is a great company that is very passionate about helping those who are in need of home health and hospice services. The quality of services that is provided is a direct reflection of the compassionate team members who are professional, qualified, and excited about what they do.

– Terrence M.

Male nurse helping elderly woman


Hospice Care Locations Near You

Traditions Health continues to expand across the country to offer access to quality care for those in need. As we expand, we remain committed to the same values on which we were founded — prioritizing patient-focused, compassionate care, while building strong relationships in the communities we serve.

Map of Traditions Health locations by state
Nurse with recovering patient


Benefits of Hospice Care

Hospice can make a profound difference and help maximize quality of life. Hospice is ideally suited to care for patients in the last six months of life. The earlier a person begins hospice, the more it can help.

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    Our team will provide the symptom and pain management needed to help you remain in your home environment, surrounded by the people you love.
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    You will receive all medications, medical equipment, and supplies needed as they relate to your hospice diagnosis -- helping you maintain comfort, dignity, and independence during this final season of life.
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    Hospice care helps reduce physician visits, emergency department visits, and hospitalizations. This decreases stress on the patient and caregiver by allowing the patient to receive the care they need at home.
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    Our bereavement team provides support for the patient’s loved ones during the grief process.


Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to help you. Listed below are frequently asked questions regarding hospice care. If you have a question that is not covered in our FAQ please contact us and a Traditions Health team member will be happy to assist you.

Female hospice care worker checking on a female patient in bed

What is hospice care?

Hospice care focuses on caring for the patient, not curing them. Our hospice care team provides symptom and pain management while attending to the patient’s emotional and spiritual needs. Our goal is to reduce pain and suffering, promoting comfort and quality of life.

Who is eligible to receive hospice care?

A patient who has a life-threatening or terminal illness is eligible for hospice care when a physician makes a clinical determination that their life expectancy is six months or less if their disease process runs its normal course. The patient must also make the decision that they no longer wish to receive curative treatment but wish to receive comfort measures only during this end-of-life journey.

Do I have to have an order from my doctor to receive hospice care?

Yes, your physician must order hospice care. A physician may order hospice care for a patient when they determine that the patient has a life-threatening or terminal illness and that their life expectancy is less than six months if the disease follows its normal course.

When should I start hospice care?

Unfortunately, many people wait until the final weeks or days of life to begin hospice care. You should have a conversation with your physician to determine where you are in your end-of-life journey. If your physician estimates that your life expectancy is six months or less if your disease process follows its normal course, you could benefit from hospice services. The earlier you receive hospice care, the more you and your loved ones are able to benefit from the care our hospice team provides.

Do you have to live in a private residence to receive hospice care?

Hospice care is provided where the patient resides. Whether it is a private residence, assisted living facility, skilled nursing facility, hospital, or private home - our hospice team will meet you where you are. Contact our team to learn how to get hospice care at home.

What if I have a problem at night or on the weekend?

Our services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Does hospice care provide my medication, equipment, and supplies?

Yes. We provide all of the medication, equipment and supplies related to the hospice diagnosis as ordered by a physician.


Reach Out to Our Hospice Care Team With Questions.

Contact Us and a member of our Traditions Health team will contact you to provide you with the answers you need.