Home Health Care Benefits Patients Facing Many Conditions, Illnesses and Injuries

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Senior woman sitting on a chair at home with female caregiver holding blood pressure gauge.
Published:  June 12, 2023

Where healing often happens best—at home.

What better place to heal than in the comfort of your own home? After all, your home holds your treasured memories. Favorite chair. And the best pillow. And it’s the place where you’re surrounded by family and where friends drop by to visit. That’s why we offer home health services designed to meet the needs of patients with a wide range of conditions, delivered where healing happens best.

Traditions Home Health services include care for patients dealing with:


After a stroke, you need to keep and regain as much function as possible, and a home healthcare team can help you reach that goal. Skilled nurses and therapists work together to help patients on the road to recovery.


Home health nurses help patients living with diabetes with care management that can include help with insulin injection techniques, skin and foot care, blood sugar monitoring, and making healthy food choices.


Home health nurses help cancer patients manage their pain and help caregivers watch for serious complications and side effects from treatment. Services might also involve help with medications, including IV treatments or even physical therapy to improve overall strength.

Heart conditions

After a heart attack, heart surgery, or cardiac procedure, it’s important to keep an eye on your heart health. In addition to pain management, home health providers develop medication schedules and exercise plans.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease

Having care at home allows patients with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease to remain in a familiar place longer. Occupational therapy develops routines that help with everyday tasks such as bathing and dressing, while speech therapy helps maintain cognitive function.

Respiratory illness

Respiratory conditions such as COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) require careful management. INSPIRE, Traditions Health’s comprehensive, patient-centered pulmonary management program is specifically designed for individuals living with pulmonary disease. Nurses work with patients to monitor their lung health and overall well-being. Physical therapists create exercise plans to boost stamina and occupational therapists find ways for patients to maintain their quality of life.

Recovery from surgery

Having a home health provider after surgery can prevent hospital readmission, reduce the risk of infection, and help speed up the recovery process. After all, recovery from surgery takes time, care, and rest. Home health care services are designed to meet a patient’s after-surgery needs.
Physical therapists can also help patients regain their strength and mobility at home.

Mobility concerns

For people with balance or mobility concerns, fall prevention is a top priority. That’s why our home health providers help prevent serious injury by helping you and your caregivers identify hazards. Physical therapy can also promote strength and stability, which can aid people who have difficulty getting around safely.

Severe or chronic illnesses

For people living with a chronic illness, medications and appointments can be overwhelming. Home health nurses develop medication plans and watch for negative side effects. After a serious illness such as COVID or pneumonia, home health providers can also monitor patients for worsening symptoms and reduce the need for hospital readmission.

Is home health care the right choice for you?

Traditions Health can provide the specialized care you need. Learn more about the range of home health services we provide or submit a request care form to speak to a representative directly.

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