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Medical Social Workers' Role in Home Health

Home health medical social workers provide essential services to individuals and families in need of support. They are an integral part of the home health care team, offering resources and guidance for those seeking assistance in managing their medical needs.

Medical social workers help home health patients cope with the emotional, psychological, and financial challenges that come with illness, recovery, disability, or advanced age. Through a range of services such as counseling, connecting clients to community resources, advocating on behalf of patients’ rights and interests, and coordinating discharge planning from healthcare facilities back into the home setting, home health social workers play a vital role in ensuring quality care is delivered.


Home Health Social Services

Medical social workers have the education and credentials necessary to assess the mental and emotional state of home health care patients and recognize any potential issues. They can then provide services to address these issues.

Elderly woman having a home health care visit with a social worker


Goals of an In-Home Medical Social Worker

The primary objective of an in-home medical social worker is to support the patient and their family through the difficulties of a life-limiting illness. They strive to empower individuals to navigate difficult health issues while promoting independence at home. Other goals of your medical social worker may include:

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    Promoting independence and self-sufficiency
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    Actively listening and providing support
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    Coordinating with different home care team members to meet the patient's needs
  • Creating a trusting relationship with the patient, their families, and other caregivers
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    Ensuring the patient understands the home health process and their specific care plan
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    Identifying environmental, social, psychological, or medical needs the patient may face, and working to find solutions
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